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I just wanted to tap the resource of my Walther brothers and see if you can point me in the right direction.

I have been passed a Mauser Rifle from my grandfather. He was in WWII, but I don't think the gun came from there as there are no import markings that I can find (just wanted to put that in there if it has some relevance.)

It has Patrone 22 Long Rifle on the barrel and it is a single shot bolt action made in Germany. I have done some digging and found what I believe to be the actual model number of ES340, but it seems people call this gun a "Patrone" or an ES340. It does have the graduated marking on the sight but no barrel band like the other models. It seems like this could be a military training gun.

The reason I am posting this, is to see if anyone knows where I can find more info on this gun, such as the year of manufacture. I would love an owners manual or at least a strip guide. I started to clean the gun today, but I couln't get the bolt to come out. It slides fine in the receiver, but I can't remove it to clean. It hits something and that won't allow it to pull free.

Any Suggestions??? Especially on how to remove the bolt ... I have tried everything I can think of, but it won't budge. Its not like my old savage.
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