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Duty/service stamp (?) on Manurhin PPk

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Came across this manurhin with curious stamping on LHS “Z 2108”.
Owner claims this is a duty pistol, and the Z registration number is the inventory number (I’m translating what he wrote to me in German).

Serial number is 125xxx.

Observations welcome.



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It's a former service pistol used by the Austrian customs just like this exemplar: https://www.waltherforums.com/forum/pp-tp-series/17251-early-french-ppk-oh-la-la.html#post129430

By the way, on Austrian PP and PPK service guns we find the following markings:
BH: Bundesheer (Austrian Army)
JW: Justizwache (security department of the Ministery of Justice)
SW: Sicherheitswache (Bundespolizei since 2006) (Federal Police)
Z: Zoll (customs)
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Interesting - thanks!!

That is a very nice example in the link. And with box, too!!

I think I will wait for a better looking one myself than what I haev already found.
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