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I call Smith & Wesson main sports center in Massachusetts today because I wanted to order a P99c AS, they carry all of S&W line and S&W Walther. I first spoke to a sales person who had no idea about the p99, he then connected me to his assist manger, who I told I wanted the P99c AS specifically he said he didn’t know that much about the model or if he could order it for me. The assistant manger then told me he would call the factory direct and ask them. The assistant manger called me back 4 hours later saying that they will have discontinued the P99 line and told me to look for them in a used gun shop. So I am a little pissed now that I can’t buy it direct from S&W ($530 not including 10% law enforcement discount), the dealer prices sell for about $580. Does anyone know why S&W would be discontinuing P99 AS? And is $580 a good price for the p99C AS 9mm?
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The p99 AS is not discontinued. It is being stocked by distributors.

Spmone at walther USA doesn't know what they are talking about
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