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Different SNs

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Hi everyone, new to the forum, but not to Walthers. I just bought a 7.65 Manurhin PP with the a fairly well done defacement of the Walther name on the slide. I've read about the reasons for that, so that isn't my question.

I did read that these pistols often have the SN electropencilled inside the slide, and when I looked mine has a different SN, although in the same date range (221XX on the frame). Anyone have an idea where this might have been used previously?

I have read they might have been police weapons, and this looks a lot like it was carried a lot and shot a little. There's some slight wear on the front of the frame behind the trigger guard pivot, and a bit more on the butt by the mainspring, like it was weathered being carried in a holster somewhere.

Thanks in advance.
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Are there no markings that might indicate police service? A Manurhin imported by a surplus importer at the time of the trademark dispute that led to the defaced Walther name is almost certain to have been a duty weapon somewhere. However, not all got marked as such.
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