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Has anyone noticed any differences in batches of Walthers.
I own an AB and 2 consecutive serial # AC's.
I find the AB's finish is a little more smooth and closer to 'Bluing' than the AC's which are a bit more powdery and kind of like parkerizing. Anyone familiar with early 90's manufactured Italian Berettas and US manufactured Berettas will know what I mean.

I also found that the AB had a better trigger pull out of the box. I noticed that the trigger draw bar pushes out on the right frame (especially in DA pulls). The AC pistols tend to push the frame out a bit more, hence a grittier pull. My AC is smoothing out with lots of dry fire (no time to shoot it yet). Checking out a new AB in a gunstore along with their AC's confirmed this observation.

Both AC's are laseretched. AB was Rollmarked.

I have noticed that after guns have been in production for a while finish and sometimes fit deteriorates a bit. The above example re. Italian vs US made Berettas illustrates my point. Recent US Berettas tend to have heavier grittier triggers and some don't even have the whole dot filled properly in the sights.

Has anyone noticed this happening to Walther's???
Also how about the AD's, I haven't seen one yet.
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