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Detail strip P99 Instructions

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Ok, I have searched for detail strip instructions on this board and others fo the P99. I cannot find them. I can detail many of my other pistols but have not ventured the P99 and have over 1k rounds through mine. If anyone has links to the instructions please reply.

If there really is a reason not to detail strip the pistol (other than because walther says not to) please let me know what that reason is. Field strip is easy and gets done regularly. I just would feel better if I could detail it my self ever so often.

Thanks in advance.
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What do you mean by detail strip? Do you want to remove the trigger assembly, etc?

Personally, all I've ever done is field strip and take the striker assembly out to clean it. Both are explained in your manual.
Agreed. I too have only field stripped and taken out the striker.

If you take out your trigger assy, then you'll void your warranty!

There can't be anything in there that the little straw attached to the can of Breakfree can't get to!

The man really didnt ask if it was a good idea, and i must agree sometimes its nice to know that kind of stuff.

I'll ask my buddy again if he can find the info.  He use to have the strip instructions but you have to know what kind of trigger you have.
Thanks for all the feedback. I purchased my P99 used and it didn't come with a manual.

On a side note, I was unaware that dissassembly of the pistol would "void" the warrenty? How can walther tell if the pistol has been dissassembled by someone other than a "gunsmith"?

The reason I ask for the instructions is that I like to know as much about the pisols I own as I can.

I just makes sence to me to be able to do this?

Thanks again
Sometimes Pistols have a bit of colored lock tite on parts. If the "seal" is broken they know you took it apart.
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