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Debating on PPQ M2

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Looking at consignment counter at the local gunstore and see a PPQ M2 with a 9000 Range Serial #. It only comes with 2 Magazines no case or backstraps.

I already own a PPQ.45 and so I know how good these babies are and I’m just wanting a good deal for a 9mm. Someone push me and tell me if $399 is a good price for it?

I don’t know the cost for the backstraps tried calling Walther but they’re closed for Labor Day.
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Agree with bbernard1. If you shop around on the internet, you can find BNIB PPQ's below $500 all day long.....and you get the box and everything that comes inside.

I'd not pay more than $350 (out the door) for the pistol your looking at.

Offer em' $300....see what they come back with.
Yes, buy new , as you might need the other backstraps, or decide to sell it later for a TAC or Q5 and the box would add extra value, esp with a manual.
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