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Well, I've had some of these unicorns previously, in 9mm and 40 and like a dummy, decided to sell em'. Been kickin' my self in the backside ever since. I've been looking for a couple of years now, and finally ran across another one in 40 caliber. BAM, snagged that sucker. Still looking for a 9mm.

The CZ 75 Champion is a competition version designed for Open Division IPSC competition, with three port compensator, adjustable trigger, extended magazine release, ambidextrous safeties, fully adjustable sights and two-tone finish, with blued slide and satin nickel frame.

These pistols are hand fitted and assembled. The trigger has very little takeup, I'd say about 1/16" and a 2.5 lb. break with very little overtravel. Its an awesome trigger.

Now, this IS a used pistol, so its not perfect, but, all you've got to do is shoot it, and you'll quickly forget about, or not care about the little bit of wear showing at a couple of spots. This compensated 40 shoots softer than my PPQ 9mm. :D

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