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cutting the striker pin spring

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i took the spring out of my striker pin asymbly and cut a couple of loops off and now my gun has alot better striker release.(i like the feather trigger.)
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I assume you're not carrying this gun? Such a light trigger seems like an issue to me. What model do you have? My AS seems to have a very light SA trigger sometimes. Personally I wouldn't dare mess up the trigger but then again I'm not a gun smith and I don't pretend to be one online either
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Have you shot it yet?

Is it reliable?

I'd like to see 100% functioning from at least 100 rounds, before I did this.

Let us know.
i have shot 900 rounds so far and it has never failed,not once.
its a od green sa/da 9mm,the first shot is the same with the long trigger pull(thats the way i carry firing pin decocked)but after first shot lighter pull,and that means more accurate.alot of people do this with their glocks.although glocks are very ugly and hard to shoot the two guns guts are very alike. i will do it again.

[/QUOTE] get'er dun
glock's are ugly? i think my G30 is one of the most beautiful guns i have. it's also the most accurate .45auto i have ever shot, just like the P99 9mm is the most accurate 9 ever.
Yea, Glocks are beautiful... beautiful like an iron casting

I'm just kidding. We might as well debate our favorite color as aesthetics.

To each his own...
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I clipped 7 loops off of my QA, someone had posted it a while back. It is now a super sweet shooter, I use it for target shooting(can't carry in my state), no malfunctions whatsoever. It did not seem to me to lighten the QA pull, just made it alot smoother. I also capped a small critter that was residing in my dog's house, one shot behind the shoulder at about 8 yards! Exactly where I aimed it. (though I think the 115 gr gold dot was a little over-kill for a possum).
Was the possum attacking you? Do tell!

Reminds me of Monty Python's 'Search for the Holy Grail' where they try to kill the killer rabbit that proceeds to gnaw off a few heads
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if i remember, i cut off 4 ?

[where is it?is it behind the rabbit?][NO,it is the rabbit!!!][its the rabbit!, i was so scared i almost soiled my armor.]

thank god for the holy hand grenade.
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I don't mess around with possums
. Actually, it was cornered in the back of the dog house and I just didn't feel like removing it while it was alive.
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