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I bought a PK380 at auction and fell in love with the weapon! As others have said, fits my hand perfectly, shoots great and I didn’t have to shell out a lot of cash for it.

After the initial cleaning, bought a box of Federal 95 grain FMJ and ran 35 rounds through it on a very windy day at the farm with ticks and all.

After the second cleaning, noticed that where the barrel is mated with the chamber, there was a gap under the barrel. That sure didn’t look right, so took it to a local gunsmith, who also said it wasn’t right when compared with one an employee had brought in to compare with.

Called Walther Arms in Arkansas and spoke with Mary. I described the whole situation as stated above and sent in pictures per her request. Their reply was the same as the gunsmith. I had to ship my barrel to them so they could look it over.

After about a week (4th of July holiday), I received a new barrel in the mail at no charge.
Am I impressed, you bet I am!! I have only owned the gun for less than a month and had customer service that was out of this world!! Couldn’t be happier!!


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