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The best gun finish there is.

Jojos does amazing work for sure!

They are so busy I want to coat my PPQ slide but may have to sent it to Robar or other rebuttable coating shop :(
Guy's, My brother (a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Winner who shook the President of the USA's hand for Quality) has a lathe, mill and an entire machine shop in his basement. Nice toy's! As you can imagine he is one awesome gun smith. Before you ask.... no he won’t play with anyone. I can twist his arm and he might make me a gun (in fact he did). He builds unbelievable guns for himself. Way past anything most of us will probably ever see or shoot. I am confident with him since the 1911 460 Rowland he built me out shoots my $3500 Wilson Combat 6" 460 Rowland without a hiccup, with ease any ammo. It is also even better work everywhere you look than my Wilson did. And, I love my Wilson. He worked with process for a small .45 1911 he was building from scratch. His background came from manufacturing, 50 years of it. There is a process (this is not paint or a coating) that is used in the industry for brutal environments. It is called "Boron Nitride". It is a vapor deposition process. For reference, the gold drill bits that claim to be titanium are vapor deposition titanium nitride. The process is performed by a company called "ION Bond." They won't talk to you either but, A company called Springer Precision will definitely fill your ear and they will get it done for you. Keep in mind Springer is not a dedicated Gun shop. You are heading into a true industrial process. It is not outrageously expensive though it is not cheap. It is well worth it by far, way far. If you haven't seen this you are in for a treat. This is very, very high tech. It leaves you with a beautiful black appearance. Self lubricating. Springer and ION work well together. You will call Springer ask all the questions you have. This process goes down the barrel, it goes everywhere. I checked out one of his slides like this. It came back all done and pretty. He Say's look at this beautiful finish! Then.... he threw the slide on the concrete floor 30 feet away and it slid all the way to my feet! I freaked out! A custom billet hand machined slide. This is the honest truth guys, not a mark on it. Truly will leave you with your jaw open. It is used for industrial tool bits etc.. Talk to Springer. They are the only connection that can get it done on a gun that I am aware of. This process changes no dimensions. Research it out, you will not be disappointed. By the way, cleaning the bore is more like a few minute job after hundreds of rounds. (He does however also mirror polish all his barrels first) Try it, you won’t go back. It is all I use now. Unbelievable!
101 - 105 of 105 Posts
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