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I recently purchased a Walther Creed from my local Field And Stream. The Store Display Model had me sold on the way it felt in my hand and the Trigger was very smooth. The one I purchased had a gritty/metal on metal scratchy feel towards the end of the trigger pull right before the break and continues until the trigger bottoms out. It only does this while the slide it attached. With just the frame in my hand it doesn't occur. If you are experiencing any issue like this, the fix is very easy.

It is 100% the Safety Plunger Spring that is causing the problem. I tried oiling it with a couple drops then working it in for several minutes. Probably the equivalent of 500 trigger pulls after oiling and it still makes a noise like a spring is rubbing on something metal and can be felt in the trigger. If you press on the safety plunger on the slide with your finger while the slide is removed from the frame, that spring rubbing on metal feel is what is getting transferred to the trigger from the trigger bar. With the slide removed the trigger is very smooth.

If you are experiencing this symptom, Which Walther said is common in the Creeds, The fix is to add a little grease inside the safety plunger where the spring goes into it. This eliminated any metal on metal feel or scratchiness that was being transferred from the safety plunger, through the trigger bar and to the trigger. My trigger now feels absolutely amazing, just like the model in the store that sold me on the Creed Pistol. I attached a pic of the plunger to press and see if it is the problem. Punch out the pin in the slide to access the group the safety plunger is in and can add grease to the hole in the plunger this way. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, Please see your local Gunsmith. Hopefully this helps out some people, Thank you.


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