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... on the trade, that is. :eek: I was going to trade my P99C for the NAA Guardian, as my weapons budget is tight and I already have plenty of CCW options. But, when I boxed up my P99C, it dawned on me how well it shot at the range, what a joy it was to carry, and now with the 15 rd mags and sleeves it was even better.

So, I bought the Guardian outright and went into debt. God Bless Capitalism!!!! ;)

I did trade out of the Walther PPK/S, as much as I liked the gun, it was not a fun gun to practice AT ALL, and got a Sig P232 instead. I am much happier with that trade. On the P99C, well, it has earned a place in my "forever guns" safe alongside my Beretta M9 and my H&K USP Compact.

Thought you guys might appreciate knowing.... :rolleyes:
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