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I believe it was only the "factory banner", Walther P88 C (compact) 10 rnd. mag. that CDNN has been offering for sale in their recent catalogs for $9.99- (and not a P 88 mag). They were also advertising the mag as fitting the P 99, (although not flush).

I bought one for my P88 C from CDNN. It is a Walther "factory" mag (I guess) but it is made for Walther by Mec-Gar and has a black plastic base. I hope they get more- I would like "more".

If you're interested in "other" after market mags for Walther- I notice that www.GunAccessories.com is selling: ProMag, Mec-Gar, "Factory", and "Imported" mags for Walther pistols including the-
P22, P38, P88, P88 C, P99, PPK, PPKS & PP- in all the capacities and calibers including the .32 acp.

For the P88 C, GunAccessories lists a, 9mm 32 round blued steel ProMag for $34.95. ...Hmmm?

Also, I'm looking for an extra mag for my P5.

-- Weed

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