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Corrosion / Discoloration on Titanium Slide

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My 2004 P99 is about a year old and gets in the waistband holster carried often.
I'm having some discoloration or corrosion on the side of the slide and around the rear sight. The area is a patch of small black color specks. I've tried several gun cleaning solvents but nothing so far will remove this. This is a carry gun, not a safe queen but I'd still like to keep my gear looking good.

Anyone else have similar issues with the titanium slide models?

I've tried to contact Walther USA several times but get to return mail or calls.
Can anyone recommend someone at Walther USA that has helped with issues or questions? (Name and number or email)

Thanks for the help.
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wow no more titanium coated slides huh??? thats news to me. I would like a hard chrome slide probably more anyway...im sure its more shiny and cool looking, but where can you get it? I have only seen it on Earl's website.
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