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There was a thread over on the Smith & Wesson forum about pocket knives so I took this picture to post there.

I figured I'd share it here too.

I had been looking for a one handed, lock back knife to carry on-duty in my left pants pocket. The theory is that if someone attempts to take my gun from my right hip duty holster, I use my right hand to clamp down on the gun for retention. Then my left hand retrieves the knife and I use it to slash the bad guy's hands so he lets go of my holstered gun.

This means the knife must have a clip that is able to be changed to left handed carry.

I found the Camillus Robo Heat on Ebay for $35 or less delivered to my door. I was so impressed with its workmanship, ease of use, sharpness, ergonomics, and lightness that I bought another one (pictured) for "in the pocket" concealed carry (I removed the clip from this one).

Here's a video of how the knife works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmrApVH7os8

This combo works for me!

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