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Comp-Tac C-T.A.C Holster and Single Mag Carrier

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My quest for a holster for my P99C started with a phone call to Comp-Tac.

I spoke with them on two different occasions and was told both times that my Compact model would not fit their holster because of three differences from the original P99:
Width (3mm wider)
Trigger Guard

However, I found some folks on this board who actually had a current model P99 and the Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. holster and found that it worked just fine.

So, I decided to give it a go.

I wanted to get the holster quickly because I wanted to have it on a trip I had planned. I called and asked what the lead time was on a holster. They told me about 4 days. Which was really good, but I needed it even faster. When they found out that I needed it quickly, they were very willing to accommodate me. They told me they would start on it that day (a Friday) and ship it out overnight on Monday.

I also ordered a single mag carrier.

True to their word, it arrived on Tuesday afternoon.
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The holster was wrapped in a paper "envelope" and came packaged in bubble wrap. The envelope bears the model of the holster, and some gun safety rules.
Two rolls of "Smarties", a business card, and a hex wrench were thrown in for good measure.

The holster is black kydex and is engraved (via dremel?) with the maker's initials, the web address, and the model of the gun.

The thickness of the kydex appears to be .090", as advertised. This gives a somewhat thinner profile without compromising structural integrity.

The holster has an enormous built in sight channel. That is very good news for me, as I intend to install a set of XS 24/7 Big Dot sights.

The kydex appears to have been worked by a pro and shows no signs of excessive overheating or reheating. (Kydex, if reheated or overheated, will become "shiny" and brittle.)

All of the folds and angles are done with precision and are very tight.

It is clear that this holster is made for the original series P99s. The trigger guard is a dead giveaway. The holster is also long. About 3/4" of an inch need to come off to make it a perfect fit.

All edges have been smoothed, so there is nothing to cut yourself on.

The top of the holster is slightly flared, to ease holstering.

The design of the holster is somewhat unique. It is really in five different pieces.
The main part actually holds the pistol.

On either side, leather "wings" are attached.
On the side of the trigger guard, the wing is attached via two hex heads. These can be tightened to increase the tension on the gun. My holster was a little loose, so I have tightened mine up a good bit. Once I get it where I want it, I will apply some blue Loc-Tite.

Each leather wing is then attached to a kydex clip. Each clip is drilled with three holes. This allows you to alter how deep the rig rides in your waistband and allows you to change the cant of the gun.

The standard clips are designed for a 1.5" belt. They offer many different clip styles, but when I ordered the holster, they suggested I just get the standard. I'm glad I listened to them.

A sweat shield is molded on the holster. It protects your side from the slide. As you can see in the image, it does not extend all the way to the top of the slide.

The gun seats well in the holster and the trigger guard is completely covered.
Interestingly, the mag release is covered on the outside of the holster, but on the inside, the mag release is actually exposed somewhat.
The holster is cut in such a way as to provide a full combat grip to the wearer.

The single mag carrier is stamped with a Comp-Tac logo. It is formed from one piece of kydex and includes a belt clip. It too features a hex head screw fitted with a rubber grommet. This allows the end user to determine the tension of the carrier.

The clip is similar to the ones on the holster. It snaps in tight and will accommodate a 1.5" belt. Mine was a little loose when I got it, but a simple turn of the hex wrench fixed that. The carrier covers about half of the stubby compact magazines.

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How does it fit? Like a glove :)
My fears (and their warnings) were unfounded.
The gun snaps into place and does not rattle.

Retention is good. It would take some extremely vigorous upside down shenanigans to free the gun from the holster.

Even though the sweat guard doesn't extend to the end of the slide, I never felt the gun rubbing me.

I really like the 5 piece design.

It's nice being able to decide how low and with what cant the holster will ride.

Having the clips so far away from the holster stabilizes it. Once it is set, it doesn't move. The cant of the gun just doesn't change. It sticks like glue.

Also, since the clips aren't attached directly to the holster, the entire unit can flex and bend around your waist.

Finally, since the clip isn't mounted on the top of the holster (like the Walther holster I reviewed) the entire unit is as slim as possible.

The clips are big enough to fit a nice custom belt (or something like the Wilderness belt) and snap closed, giving you plenty of security. They won't come loose while drawing the gun.

Speaking of drawing... Presentations are FAST, smooth, and snag free. Reholstering is a cinch. The mag carrier works well too, although I think I over-tightened it and now need to loosen it a bit.

The rig rides close to you and minimizes any printing.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail is excellent. The holster was dusty when I received it. Most likely from when they sanded down the edges. You will want to take a clean cloth and wipe it down.

I noticed several rough spots on the inside of the holster, but most were in the top of the sight track and would not come into contact with your gun.

The rig is very comfortable. That is due to its flexible design (the wings), a bit thinner kydex, and a minimalist approach.

I have very few complaints.

I do wish the holster were shorter. Comp-Tac makes slides for 1911 & Glocks, I really wish they would consider making a shorter holster for the P99 that would fit the standard and the compact models. Since the mounting hardware for the wings is so low, I won't be able to do any surgery on the holster to shorten it.

I also wish they would really get their hands on a compact model and see for themselves that it really fits quite well.

The exposed mag release on the inside of the holster is a bit disconcerting, but to be honest, I'm not really worried. I seriously doubt it will rub or snag on anything enough to engage.

Would I buy it again. YES, without a doubt. And I'm going to recommend it to others. I should have bought it to begin with.
To top it all off the folks at Comp-Tac were truly a pleasure to deal with.
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I have a Comp Tac paddle for my 1911 (daily carry). I had it made as the "slide" style so it will fit my Officers and my Guvm't.

Also have the paddle for my Walther P99 (can't carry that gun yet) and my Styer M40 (can't carry it either).
Great review. Looks like a nice holster. I think I might have to try one of those out for myself!
Thanks for the review
Thanks for the extensive review!

I have several of Comp-Tac's products and they have always been a pleasure to deal with. I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience with them as well.
I have one of the paddle holsters for my P99
Once I finally get to qualify with the gun I can carry it.
I'll use the Comp tac paddle and then get some decent leather.
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