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Hi folks, I have both a 45 and 9mm PPQ M2 and love the way they both shoot!

I shoot the 45 a lot....I don't shoot the 9mm very much (like once per year) but had it out yesterday. It was doing well, after say 60 rounds, I pulled the trigger and heard the "click", but the weapon did not discharge. Checked and a cartage was chambered (ammo was HST). Tried again with same cartridge and it did go "bang"...OK, some 1-off anomaly....A little more shooting trying another brand of ammo (Golden Saber this time) and exact same thing happened after some rounds...Not good if I ever have to use this gun for SD of course.

Seems to me an intermittent problem with the FP-striker fired mechanism (I think). (The only other time I encountered something like this was when I started shooting pistols 7 years ago on my XDM, I didn't know at the time to keep oil away from the firing pin channel. Springfield Amory cleaned the channel out, and I have always been careful not to make this mistake with oiling since then). So I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this and has any tips to resolve it.

Thanks Folks,
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