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What/how do you guys carry that don’t have flat stomachs? I like appendix carry but sitting it jams into my “padding”.
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3:30 ish Black Arch, sometimes Remora. Pocket in the right pants.
I carry mine at 4 o'clock but will AIWB when needed. I have a lil extra too. I've found that the holster makes or breaks AIWB.
I have a fairly flat stomach, but find 3:30 IWB in a UBG Canute most comfortable and accessible for me.

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IWB @ 4 . . . . + loose cloths pps m2 + kydex single clip

it is tough to hide !
What/how do you guys carry that don’t have flat stomachs? I like appendix carry but sitting it jams into my “padding”.
Shoulder rig. Great for sitting, driving and non six pack abs. A button down sweater, light vest or warmup jacket makes a fine cover.

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The 300th Parallel...

I CCW my PPS IWB with an Ozark IWB single clip kydex holster.

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Black Tagua Fort TX-EP-BH2 holster for the PPS, brown one for the P99c. Right side outside waistband on the belt, at around 3:30, shirt over it. Even though I do have a comparatively flattish stomach.

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I’ve seen that video, hilarious!
How I carry depends on mode of dress.
  • For business casual dress (i.e. loafers, slacks, and golf shirt or button-down): CrossBreed SuperTuck IWB holster on strong side at 03:30
  • For coat/tie deep conceal (i.e. dress shoes, slacks, button-down, tie, and coat): Kangaroo Carry Air Marshall (size: medium) on weak side for cross-draw
  • For day-to-day dress (i.e. jeans, T-shirt): Hopp Custom Leather OWB holster on strong side at 03:30 w/ matching OWB mag carrier on weak side at 21:30 with cover garment (unless I feel like open-carrying that day, which I regularly do now that I live in a rural setting)

  • I use the Hopp Custom Leather holster and mag carrier the most. My holster, mag carrier, and belt combo (with exotic material) was an 8 month wait, but worth every minute of it and penny paid for it, as the holster and mag carrier are in fantastic shape after 3 years of near-daily wear.
  • I have found most gun belts to be entirely too thick, even for jeans. (My Hopp Custom Leather belt is no exception.). The gun belt I wear most often among those I have is a Daltech Force SuperBio. Oddly, it's the least expensive gun belt I own. That said, it's thinness and durability have been top notch.
  • I'm short (5'5" tall) and weigh around 145 with a 31" waist and 30" length pant. For my PPS Classic to reliably disappear on me I use 6-round 9mm magazines. The 7- and 8-round magazines will print on me (not badly with the 7-rounder, mind you) in all but the deep conceal carry methods, above.
  • If mode of dress permits, I tend to have a H&K Epidemic front auto open/retract blade in my weak-side front pocket with the pocket clip in plain site so that it's not classed as concealed
  • Also if mode of dress allows (i.e. pants have a rear pocket that is large enough), I also tend to have a heavily-smithed Ruger LCP w/ spare mag in a Recluse holster in my strong side back pocket.
  • The above gives me options when it comes to self-defense and weapon retention tactics
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Has anyone tried or use green force tactical holsters? Pros/cons
I have two Green Force India holsters for my PPS's.

I plan on getting another GFT for my P99C.




Uniform=UltiClip IWB

Mike=Mag Carrier IWB

Around a one month wait time.

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So I take it you like it. I’m about to pull the trigger and order one. I was watching a video and the india (normally 4is o’clock) worn as an appendix carry. Have you tried that?
It works.

Use BC15 for 15% off.
I swear by my Crossbread IWB with a Crossbread belt. Of all the rigs I have used in 30 years of carrying a gun, it is by far the most comfortable, well designed and well made combo. The thick belt takes all the sag out of ccw and the IWB quickly slides from apendix carry to 4oclock. Once you use the crossbread system you will never switch back. I got the Crossover Belt because it is easy to adjust from standing to sitting or sitting to standing. Be sure to follow their sizing charts.
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I used to Appendix carry exclusively until I was injured in an accident and due to the lack of mobility I put on quite a bit of weight. Since then I have switched to Strong Side carry at the 4:00 position. Luckily, most of my holsters are adjustable and can be used to carry in either position.

For single stacks such as my PPS M2, I use a Vedder Light Tuck Deluxe or something similar. The one thing I really like about the Vedder is the unique design of their belt clip which allows you to switch between straight up/down as used for Appendix or Cant for Strong Side carry. The one thing I didn't like about it was there was no option to add a "Claw" so when I contacted them to see if they would modify their design to allow me to install a Raven Concealment Systems (RCS) VG "Claw". While I was on the phone with them I found out their factory was only 20 minutes from where I live so it made it very easy to discuss the modification. They gladly made the modification and it turned out to be one of my favorite holster designs. Evidently they liked the idea as well because about 3 months later they started offering their own "Claw" design as an option.... LOL

If you are looking for a double clip holster for Strong Side carry holster you may want to take a look at the Clinger No Print Wonder holster. I've tried a lot of them (CrossBreed, Alien Gear, etc.) but for me, I like the Clinger best because the holster is kydex and therefore it does not rely on body pressure to maintain retention of the firearm. Its also cooler because you do not have a large piece of material (leather, neoprene, etc.) touching your body which is especially important to me because I live in Florida where it is hot 11 1/2 months out of the year. The holster is also very comfortable to where and does a good job in minimizing printing, even with my double stack HK VP9SK.

I am a Holsterholic so I've tried a lot of different holsters, those are a couple that I have had very positive experiences with, YMMV. Thanks for the video link Vandal320. I will have to see if one of my single stacks will coincide with my Tactical Muffin along the 300th Parallel.....

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Greg thank you very much. Very helpful
I just got my own green force tactical holster today. Gonna try it. Doesn’t look bad. But I thought the logo was stamped or something, not a sticker.
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