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CCP Misfires

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Hello all. New gun owner and the CCP has been great. I clean it religiously, and yesterday it began misfiring pretty badly. About 1 every other mag is just a click, with a couple of stovepipes for good measure. It has been very reliable and this is the first problems we have had. I am wondering if I am missing something during cleaning that is causing the issue. I focus alot on the gas chamber and piston so the slide travel is not impacted. Any thoughts be would be appreciated! Thanks.
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Sorry to hear that. Can I ask what ammo you’re using?
I have never had this issue, but I'm on this forum to help others, the only reason why the firearm would not fire is
Defective ammo/primer
Striker pin not hitting the primer
With that being said, since there is no safe way to check primers, and I highly discourage against it, varify that the striker is protruding out the battery with every cycle. You can do this with the slide off, pulling back the striker so the drop safety holds it, then, press the drop safety to release the striker.
My usual ammo is Remmington or F&S 115gr. I tried the Winchester 115gr and it left the gun very dirty. Have not used it since.
Some Remington ammo has a pretty hard primer from my experience. 1917
I usually use the Remington UMC and haven’t had any issues. I don’t care for the Winchester either. It definitely fouls my firearms more. I don’t keep my ccp as clean as my other pistols because of the annoying takedown (more the reassembly) and I haven’t had any issues. I guess I got lucky.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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