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Hi, I've had problems with my CCP from day one. Spent rounds stuck in the slide after my first magazine fired flawlessly. I cleaned and oiled the formerly new gun and it worked fine the next time out, only shot 2 mags. Cleaned and oiled it again.
The next time out there were too many problems to mention. I Used Aguila 115 FMJ.
I returned the CCP and after 30+ business days I received an email stating "We hope to have an update by the end of September". Asking for a supervisor was ignored by both gun techs I spoke with about the time frame.
Is this a COVID thing, lack of employees, or something else?
By the way the slide release button is a nightmare for me, hands are weaker than most women apparently. After one try I have to relieve pressure on the slide by pulling it back slightly. I have to grab the slide by the front serrations to get my whole hand involved. I certainly hope this will get easier in time. I am using a hand strengthener.
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