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I would very much like to start a thread to explore maximum safe hand loads in the CCP M2 in 380 ACP. For those of you I might confuse I would like to exclude factory ammunition from this discussion.

According to what I think I'm finding at SAAMI (if I read their data tables correctly), the maximum recommended load for 380 ACP in 90 gr projectiles is 18,300 cup. Other sources list the maximum recommended pressure for the 380 in PSI which I can't find any reliable sources to compare. I started out loading 90 gr projectiles using HP-38 3.2gr with an estimated pressure of 13,900 cup according to the Hodgdon reloading tables. Those were very easy shooters. I pushed that to 3.5 gr of HP-38 (Hodgdon lists as max safe load) which Hodgdon reports as producing 15,400 cup and those were noticeably more powerful at the range but still felt good in the hand. I put about 100 rounds of the 3.2gr loads thru and 20 rounds of the 3.5gr load thru with zero failures.

Just to say it, for those of you who know much more than I do (I took a 30 yr break from reloading when I lived in NY/NJ) I do realize that perceived pressure loads (should have just said velocity) will vary depending on the barrel length of the pistol. That being said I would solicit your experiences to determine safe maximum loads with various powders and projectiles on this particular pistol.

And since some of our powder manufacturers report pressure in CUPS and some use PSI that only makes life much more interesting. Any takers on that one ? ;)
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