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PPQ M2 .40, PPQ .22LR
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I went into my LGS expecting to leave with a PPS. Left with a two-tone CCP in .380
It fits, highly accurate. Cleaned and lubed the internals. The trigger went from stiff and jerky to ridiculously smooth.
Got a rubber grip from Galloway.
Then night sights, almost impossible on the .380, but, I figured why not try. Bought 3 tritium tubes,, drilled out the plastic sights, and installed them. Very small, but better than nothing, and $25.
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Then night sights, almost impossible on the .380
Welcome to the forum.

You have a CCP M2+ which has a slide compatible with Glock sights but I think you did a good job making your own.

If you haven't noticed this yet, I'd like to point out that your CCP has a magazine safety. It won't fire unless a magazine is inserted.
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