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I have shot around a 1000 threw it so far in two range setions and it's been 100% not one failure yet..
I started out just using CCI Stingers then went to Aquilla Super Maxes, I then switched it over to the Federal Wal Mart 550 Value Pac Ammo & it's been perfect with all ammo tried so far.
I got it a week ago, New in the Box @ Biff's Gunworld
I aquired the Thread adaptor at The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and The Walther Laser too..
Somehow I wanted one in Black but after seeing this one in the Carbon Fiber Finish, I had to have it.
The 3.4" barrel is quite accurate for it's barrel lenth,Probobly due to it's tentioned barrel design, Like a Dan Wesson Revolver..
Last night I shot after dark & got the Laser right on, That's one Sweet Accesory..
I may look into the 5" barrel but I have a Ruger MKII 6 7/8" Competition Target Model I use for Target shooting..
The P22 is a great plinker & my 13 year old son is in love with the P22, Fits His Hands Great, Mine too!!
I'll keep the Forum informed of any mods or trouble I have.
Walther/S&W must have made several improvements as I've read Horror Stories about these pistols, That almost kept me from Buyin one,My Youngest Son Said He Liked it and would love to shoot one..
Had to share my passion for the shootin sports with him.
Here's a Pic of a Few More of my Handguns
HKs SIG Beretta Dan Wesson Taurus Rugers S&W
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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