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i need help:

for some reasons, im more accurate shooting a 9mm and i know the ammo gr. is less than the 180gr (coz it's 9mm) im using. Does it affect accuracy? I never tried other grains rather than 180gr. The test targetS of p99 9mm that ive seen are a lot FARTHER than the groupings of test targets for .40 S&W.

I shoot better with an HKUSP 9mm than my .40 walther p99.

"i Hope this isn't because HKs are better"

i never tried a 9mm walther p99. I have another .40 S&W coming so i'm considering trading my 1 week-old .40 S&W P99 for a P99 in 9mm. i need advice...

thanks, i hope some of you can help me.


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My recent buy of a P99 in 9mm, was a fantastic choice.

I only have experience (in this gun) with the Win WB 115 gr. ammo.

I am loving my shooting groups with this ammo.

Yes, like many Walther P99 folks have expressed, there is a bit of a tendency to have low groups.

Maybe it's the ammo......but in the next round I will have perfect direct hits all in the black......at 50 and 75 ft.

You will love the P99 in 9mm.

Ammo.....I can't help you on how different loads will go.


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The 9mm has proven to be a little more accurate than the .40, however as your IPSC friend showed you, the .40 can be shot very accurately. One reason the 9mm is more accurate, is because of the low recoil, compared to the .40. In my P99 .40's I've developed a load that works well in them. I use a 175gr laser cast bullet in my reloads. For defense use, I've found 165gr gold dots and Cor-Bons work well.

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I have owned an UPS Tactical a lot longer then my Walther P99 .40SW. When I first took out the P99 I could not hit a side of barn! I was so use to the trigger on my USP Tactical it was ridiculous. If I slowed way down and thought about each shot with the P99 I could place them were I wanted. I don't even have to think with my Tactical. I just point and shoot. There are two completely different pistols, specially the trigger. It will take time to get use to both of them. It defiantly is possible, but takes practice. I use a USPTactical for IDPA and Plates. I also use a P7M8 and have no problem switching. For close distances and personal protection I use a STI LS40. This took me a few trips to get use to. I have no problem with switching between all three. Know I added a P99 to the mix. I own a few other pistols, but lack time behind the triggers. I do feel confident with any pistol I pick up as I have enough practice to know how each one shoots. There all a little different. Subconsciously you might place the front sight a little low on one pistol to compensate for elevation and not realize it. Then when you pick up your P99 you will do that until you figure were it is shooting and what the sight alignment and sight picture looks like. Once you get that subconsciously you will remember.

There are so many variable:

1.Grip angle, Grip size
2.Sights (style,alighnment,picture)
3.trigger pull
5.gun action (single,double,ECT...)

The best thing to do is just practice.
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