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C&R P38

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I'm on the fence about buying a post war P38. It's made by Walther it has the banner. It is a steal pistol. Price is $750.00. I own a Mauser from WW2. It was given to me by my grandfather. I've never shot it. Anyway I'd like to buy this one too shoot. I would like to get some feedback. Is it worth the money, are they good shooters,etc? TIA
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Post war P38's with steel frames are uncommon. $750 sounds like a great price if everything looks good.
If you dont buy it, pls forward me the sellers info!
I bought it and shot it this weekend. What a great pistol.
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Congratulations! Can we see some pics?
It is a steal pistol. Price is $750.00."
If it is truly steel you did get a "steal" 馃槅 Check the frame with a magnet
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