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As a side note, I bought a Steyr M9 as a random purchase. Two days after this purchase...

My P99, as in the signature, was field stripped for a cleaning. I noticed the take down catch was stuck a little so I pulled the trigger a bit to release it and pop! The trigger bar guide, rather, the polymer holding it broke off. Without this piece the trigger bar would pull up at an angle as you pull the trigger. The striker would move back with the trigger, and move forward with the trigger. This obviously would not fire a round...big problem.

See page 14-15 and part number 17.
tetragon.ca/product_images/downloads/ Doc8%20Technical%20Info%20P99%20DAO.pdf

Anyone else experience this? I have about 2K rounds through it.

Then the eye of Hurricane Wilma passes about 30miles south of my house so thank the good Lord for making me buy a random gun to substitute the broken p99.

Emailed customer service after the storm, they said mail them the gun to be fixed under the 1 year warranty. The girl at Fedex, when she read the Walther shipping letter, suddenly wasn't so cheery LOL! Shipped Nov. 19 and I got it back Dec 1 so SW, who actually did the work, has pretty good turn around and I am pleased with their service as a whole.

The return letter said they replaced the "Sear Block". That whole portion of the gun looks clean and newly lubed.

1) Always have two or more handguns because one will break right before a Hurricane plows your house. This still applies to people living in Kansas.

2) Polymer frame guns do things...like fall apart.
3) SW has pretty good service.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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