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Congrats on the purchase, Blain.

I also just bought by first handgun, a P99QA (see thread here ) I have just one nagging question...

Where are you guys that you're geting such good prices?

I did a lot of research, and knew exactly what i was getting. But here's my beef. I have 3 Walther dealers that are within decent driving range of me. The first one didn't have the QA that I wanted, and wanted $589 for the basic model that he had in stock, and wasn't even a 100% German model.
The second only had the standard in .40, and wanted between $650 and $700 to get in any 9mm model.
The third dealer I went to had pretty much every model available, except for the QA in 9mm. I did play with the .40 QA, and that was the reason that I had the guy special order a 9mm QA. And at $549 (for any P99 he had or could get), he was also the lowest priced.

Now, I may only own the one P99QA, but I have a good deal of experience on a range, and I appreciate that the P99 is a superior weapon in general. For that, I can justify paying a premium. What I can't wrap my head around is how you guys sem to be paying $150 less than I am...
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