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Well I did it, I bought a handgun at last!!! A Walther P99 in .40 S&W with all German proof marks, lazer etchings, and titanium finish. All for $499!

(Let it be known that I had no idea what a P99 was until I researched it after I bought it, I had no idea that german marks, titanium finish, and the like were very desirable! Niether did the dealer! I chooseit because it fit my hand perfectly, it just felt "right", plus it looked really cool.)

I had made up my mind on getting a .40 handgun before I had I gotten into the door since it is the best compromise between 9mm's high cap and .45's stopping power. The dealer pulled out and showed me the .40 Smith and Wesson Detective Special I had been looking at the other day. I tried it out for a bit and asked to also see the titanium finished P99 in .40 to compare the two. Both were nice guns at very cheap prices (which is why I was looking at them and not the 600 -800 guns!) however, the P99 just felt and fit better. It even seemed lighter than the 3" barreled SWDS!

The DS40 came with the case, two mags, and a holster for $450. The P99 came with all of the above (but without the holster) for $500.

IT was a very hard decision, and the lower price + the addition of a holster for the DS40 almost made me purchase that gun instead. However, as the guy said, I should buy a gun based on how it fits/feels and not on what extras it comes with (the holster). I just had to buy the P99, it just felt right to me! Not to mention I get an inch more of barrel length for added velocity, which I believe an expanding round desperately needs.

The P99 also came with a 3 round higher capacity than the DS(10 round mags) with the capability to buy preban 12 and 16 rounders later on if desired.

So the P99 it was!

There was also a black P99 .40 selling for $400. Even though it was an identical model in all black for $100 less, I just had to go with the titanium finish! It just looked so.......money!

Note: I didn't get the chance to check it for German proof marks or lazer etchings as I was ignorant about such things at the time!

BTW, is it me, or is it almost impossible to fit 10 rounds inside the factory mags?
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