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Blazer/Blazer Brass

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I am going out to the range this weekend and I decided to try some Blazer Brass.  I bought one box of 180gr. 40 S&W and one box of 115gr. 9mm from Wal-Mart today.  I opened the 9mm box and found that almost half of the bullets have black spots all over them.  I was not happy, so then I opened the .40 box.  The .40s do not have any black spots on the bullets.  In both boxes, the casings looked pretty dull, and the bullets had littles dings and dents in them.

I decided to buy the Blazer Brass because I had heard they were a decent practice ammo, and cleaner than normal WWB target ammo.

Did I just get a bad box of 9mm?  Are the little dings and dents in the bullet normal?  I was just wondering because the WWB I have used look to be much "shinier" than the Blazer Brass.

Also, has anyone had experience with the regular Blazer?  I just wanted to know how the aluminum case performed.  I don't reload, so if the regular Blazers are clean firing, I might use those instead, since the bullets in the regular Blazer boxes I looked at are smoother and shinier than the Blazer Brass as well.

Of course I could always buy more WWB too, but recently the WWB I have been buying has been pretty dirty.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a Steyr M9 that is very finichy about cheap ammo, but it loves Blazer Aluminium. My P99c doesnt mind it either. As a bounus the stuff is lighter so my range bag doesnt weigh as much, nor does shipping on it.

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