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I too had a situation where I recieved several boxes of defective CCI Blazer ammo. They wanted the ammo back--since it was extremely dangerous to fire. The heads of the bullets were pushed deep into the casings. Increased pressures could have blown up a gun.

Yeah, they also promised extra ammo to cover shipping.
What they did is send me ONE extra box of ammo for my troubles !! Worth about $7.50 Sure it covered the actual shipping charges, but hardly worth my time and gas money--packing and shipping the one box of ammo back.

I will never do that again...........for a company that produces millions of rds every year..........I hope that were able to part with that $7.50 box {retail } probably cost them $2 actual, without severe economic damage.

I did them a huge favor......pointing out a run of ammo that might have serious problems and they in effect said it was worth $2 to them. Live and learn.

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