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Black is Beautiful...

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Any reports on the first production BLACK frames? ETA?
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BTW, contrary to what has been posted "my" PPS does have a test target.
I have noticed that.....
I am going to see what I can find out about that... since I was told that there would be no more test targets with the black PPS...
The one from Gunblast was not a writers sample.
If you look at the ones from other "big" publications and the ones displayed by S&W or Walther, they are all "AB0xxx"
There was a delay in shipping the black PPS for a reason, at least I think there was..........
here is the serial break down

AB0xxx was for the preproduction and writers sample
AAxxxx was the first edition for the European market
PPSxxx was for the american first edition
AB1xxx is the start of regular production

The serial number on mine is AB1xxx, and we got it back in mid-October....
Regradless of the serial number, they had a black one months ago. That firearm was provided to them by the US distibutor, Smith&Wesson, for the purposes of publishing an article on the pistol. By definition, that is a writer's sample.
I just called my local gun store and he said he just got a few black ones in. Going to pick one up in the morning:D
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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