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Black is Beautiful...

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Any reports on the first production BLACK frames? ETA?
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GOT DAYMN!!!! Date seems to keep being pushed back! I was hoping to get one by the end of the year.......more so around now, at least that's the impression I had they will be available. Major crapper, I guess ill be spending alittle bit more $$$ on the p99(full size :(.....pps was suppose to be my CC) to have that as a CC. While I'm at it, does anyone have or know where I can get a factory front sight for a p99? The one that comes installed on the p99 from the factory, can't recall the number assigned to that specific sized sight right now. Walther doesn't have much marketing sense if you ask me. They should have released it already, by the time the begaining of the year gets here everyone will be broke due to the holidays......PPS would have been a great Christmas present to myself ahahhah. The pps better be a flawless weapon by the time it gets shipped, when it finaly does get shipped anyways. Finaly received the notice in the mail stating I was approved for my CCL and to come get it so I imagine many can understand my anxiousness for the arrival of the standard PPS standard.
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I beg to differ. I'd preffer better now or never. If they take too long to get here I may just go ahead and start building a m4/ar15 and more than likely my tax money will poor into that as well. But doing so will contrubute to more problems because while funding the build, the .40 cal will be availble and would taunt me.....so you see, I beg to differ. WALTHER! WE ARE AMERICANS(maybe most of us anyways) AND WE NEED MORE POWER!!!! We might not necessarily need it.....but go big or go home....or at least have the option of doing so......we like options.....like super size it at Macdonalds .40CAL!!!
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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