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Black is Beautiful...

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Any reports on the first production BLACK frames? ETA?
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PPS on Gunbroker

I'm a Houstonian and I know Frank at Fountain Firearms, so I called him and he ended the auction for me. I pick up AB1072 on Tuesday :) Paid less than the Buy Now price too, but not by a whole lot. I believe Davidson's website lists the MSRP as $622 for the black PPS. BTW, contrary to what has been posted "my" PPS does have a test target.
Almost forgot - Frank told me they actually received two black PPS's and the first one sold in a few hours. Davidson's lists them as "Allocated" which means they are currently in very short supply and few dealers will have one. If you find one being offered anywhere close to MSRP and you want one now you might want to jump on it.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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