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Belgian Liege gunmakers (A to C) - Volume 1

The text is written in French AND English.

Webpage with details : Belgian Liege gunmakers (A to C) - Volume 1

The book is the first of the series and it covers the gun makers whose names are in the A to C range of the alphabetical order. Each gun maker is presented with the maximum of data available and a wealth of color pictures about the most typical pieces of his production. Are also discussed the many markings found applied on the guns and their significance or purpose.

A section

B section

C section

Albini BraendlinAncion & C°
Ancion DD & Fils
Ancion Jacques & Cie
Ancion Marx
André M.J.
Arendt Maurice
Arnold Mathias
Ateliers Saint Laurent

Bauwir Joseph
Baltus - Wilmotte
Baron Emile
Bastin Frères
Bauduin Charles
Bayet Frères
Bazin F.J.
Beckers G.
Behr Jean jacques
Belgian Arms cie
Berleur Guillaume
Berleur Michel
Bernard Alphonse
Bernard Emile & Cie
Bernard Ernest
Bernard Henri Eugène
Bernard Lambert
Bernard Victor & Cie
Bernimolin & Cap
Bertrand Antoine
Bertrand Antoine & Fils
Bertrand Joseph
Bettonville - Fontaine
Beuret Frères
Bischop Pierre
Bodson N.
Bodson TH.
Bonzon & Arents & Cie
Bouquin Ad
Bovy Théodore Joseph
Braekers Charles & Cie
Brancquaert Louis
Britte Frères
Bronne Gustave
Broqua & Scholberg
Bultot Jean
Bury Jules

Cap Joseph
Chaineux J.
Charlier Ch.
Chaumont M.J.
Christophe Henri
Christophe Louis
Christophe & Montigny
Clément Charles Philibert
Clément Walter
Closset J.M.
Closset Louis
Closset Louis - Remy Hubert
Coquilhat Aimé
Colard Louis - Counet Léonard
Coleye M. N.
Collard Henri - Roux Jacques
Collette Léopold
Colette Victor
Colleye Henri Joseph
Collings Hadelin
Comblain Dieudonné Joseph
Comblain Hubert Joseph
Comblain H. J. - Galoppin
Comblain - Dorther Hubert
Counet Philippe
Counet - Genot
Counet-Leboulle J.
Courard N.
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