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I have been shooting the PPK/s Walther by Umarex. I have shot Daisy, Crosman & Hornady ... the only ones available in my local stores.
I have been reading about other's who are getting tight groups , 2 inch , at 25 and 35 feet ... what .... Is this actually possible?
I noticed that droping any one of these bb's down the barrel , they just drop like it's a soda straw i'm dropping them into ... i would think they should fit more snug than that !!!
so ... my question is --- Is there a Brand that actually makes a BB that fits better than what im using .. i know i can pay more but will that necessarily be a better fit. ??
Gamo claims to have larger sized to fit snugly ... say if you drop one of theirs down the barrel it takes a second for it to hit bottom .... it doesn't just hit bottom !
Anyways im just asking for advice.
i only get , maybe, 3 inch groups at 10 feet ....

thanks for the NO replys .... this forum is bunkers ... and this gun is the most useless piece of .... well .. TERRIBLE ... I WILL NEVER AGAIN !!!
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