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Basketweave Level 2 duty belt holster PPQ 45

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Does anyone know a source for this. I am converting to ppq45 and having trouble finding a duty belt solution.
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PPQ 45 is a physically larger gun than the 9mm/40.....so the holster maker needs to use a PPQ 45 mold gun.....some have em' some don't. A while back, I found a holster maker I liked, but they didn't offer anything for the PPQ 45. I offered to buy/send them a PPQ 45 'blue gun' if they'd make me a holster....I let them keep the blue gun. Worked out nice for both of us.

Here's another site I just ran across offering Duty Holsters....but the PPQ 45 does not show up in their drop down list. You could email or call em' to see if they'd be interested in making you a holster if you provided the PPQ 45 blue gun....of course, telling them they could keep the blue gun......a win, win.


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I appreciate the info. I have emailed them. Any other thoughts anyone has would be appreciated.
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