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The first thing to check upon changing bbls is to ensure that the barrel sleeve indent is looking downwards and fits at the base of the barrel assembly w/out right-and-left movement.

Holding the sleeve with the indent secured and centering the thin barrel tube with thumb and finger(s), you may start screwing the barrel nut as far as it goes and then slightly tighten it (don't over-tighten and damage the bbl/nut threading) with the wrench tool.

The set screw behind the front sight should also coincide with the concave point on the barrel sleeve (top position).

The compensator bolts in my P22 when correctly tightened look as if one of them protrudes more through the nut (on the other side) than the other, yet both bolts are the same length.

This does not affect accuracy, which I test upon changing bbls by shooting one hole groups @ 10m, offhand (better score than my springer air rifle).

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