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The following does not represent legal advice, only an opinion:

When the situation presents itself that justifies the use of deadly force…Attitude becomes extremely important when confronting your attacker. You don’t want the attacker to think “He will shoot me, only if he thinks I am trying to hurt him”, but you do want the attacker to think “He will shoot me if I piss him off anymore”.
The first mindset gives the attacker some wiggle room………where he knows you are on the defensive ( even though you are holding a gun) and he might start thinking of ways to trick you in order to get the upper hand. This wiggle room can increase the danger of the confrontation to the point where gun fire is likely. The second mindset I described gives the attacker the sense that his death is close at hand unless he does exactly what is asked of him & then nothing is still guaranteed. This atmosphere, though intense, will most likely “not” require gun fire to achieve compliance of the intruder.
How to establish the proper attitude in seconds! First, never, ever use your weapon to scare or try to intimidate someone. That means never grabbing your gun unless deadly force is justified—period. You can have it hidden or near-by, that’s fine……..but when you play your hand and show your attacker the weapon…..the situation must have escalated to the point where deadly force can be legally used. Use LOUD and clear commands for the intruder to “get on the ground”. Your commands should be loud to the point of screaming. The intruder will interpret this as your “desperation”, but you will remain under control inside yourself. Inform the intruder that you will take offensive action if he doesn’t comply….and repeat your demands over and over.
ON THE GROUND……..is where you want someone, that you fear may attempt to take you life. HANDS KILL………..keep their hands visible to you at all times!! I would avoid phrases like “don’t come any closer”. Now you have given the intruder some wiggle room. I hope in this very short essay I am making my points?? You want to appear as aggressive as possible when confronting the criminal element. No, a gun does NOT automatically give you that aggressive element…….criminals are use to seeing them pointed at people. It is your demeanor that will convey their need to comply or die.
Some Tips:
Pacing: This skill is usually acquired from shooting competitions . When practicing at the Range…….try to learn accuracy first……and then speed. Often times it is not who fires first, but who hits their target first that walks away from a gunfight. Once you have gotten accuracy down……..then slowly increase your speed. Take the percentage shot first…………meaning engage the closest target to you first….and then work your way back to targets furthest away.

Move to “cover” if possible before shooting. Don’t waste ammo shooting while on the run. Take a position-----then engage your target(s).

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