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They are not a true clone. Bersa is slighty larger than PPK/S . It also has a take down lever on side of frame along with a slide release . Walthers doesn't have either.
Bersa are not cheap junk but their not the quality of my Interarms PPK/S
They are accurate relieable and fun to shoot. The price is very nice compaired to new S&W copy of a PPK or PPK/S
I am not knocking Bersa as I run http://bersatalk.com But I can't place them at same level as a PPK/S.
I mean lets be real they cost 1/2 a PPK/S price.
Want a good CCW pistol in 380 for less than 250 Then Bersa hard to beat.
I shoot my Bersa more than my PPK/S . Save wear and tear on PPK/S
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