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Very rare. Import ended for political reasons.

Flag Status: Flagged Dangerous Ammunition to Bullet ... - Ohio Bailiffs

Aquila IQ .40 95 gr ammo, 10 - 20 rd boxes. Got rid of my .40 P99 so no use for the ammo anymore.

Intelligent bullets that in nanoseconds determines if the target is hard or soft. If the target is hard it closes in on itself and penetrates just about anything. See the above link. The 9mm rounds I shot off all went completely through a 20" diameter oak tree I had the target on.

If the target is soft the hollow point bullet fragments into 3-4 jagged pieces and goes off in different directions magnifying the damage. One slug or 3-4 each going in different directions?

A light weight (95 gr.), high velocity (upwards of 1500 fps), hard hitting round that travels upwards of 1500 fps with low recoil because of the light weight alloy. This is a very nasty, very effective self defense round.

$100 or best offer. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. PayPal only.

For a faster response please do not message me here on the forum. I'm generally only here once every day or two. Please contact me at [email protected] if interested.
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