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Anyone with more AR experience

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I’ve been shooting rifles more and more. My problem is I’m right handed but left eye dominant. With pistols it’s not an issue. But with the rifle I’m stuck shooting left handed. Accuracy is fine but manipulating the rifle is awkward and slow.

Would it be feasible to offset a scope on the left side of an ar so that I can get my align my left eye and shoot right handed? I know it sounds nutty but operating the rifle left handed is cumbersome.
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One simple thing you may want to try is shooting right handed, with your right eye, and occluding your left (dominant eye).

Use a frosted piece of tape over the left eye area on a set of glasses to partially block your forward vision so you can shoot with both eyes open.

It may take some practice to get used to, but we have done it successfully with some cross-dominant junior shooters.
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OR . . . build a left handed rifle.
I believe the parts are out there, or it can be built for you, or off the shelf !:)

This might be of no use whatsoever, but have you tried an optic like a red/green dot? After sighting in, I've found my Holosun to be magnificent! It will allow more open-eyed targeting to make it more natural.
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