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Anyone own or shoot FN-USA pistols?

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I own a couple Sig hand guns but most all are Walther and H&K so I can make my own comparison there. A friend of mine wants to sell are trade for a rifle 2 new in box FN's, a FDE & black LEO 509 and a all black FNS-C, both 9mm.

I've never had a FN so how do they compare to Walther's or HK's? Any information would be helpful. Thanks,

Jim D
SE Texas
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I have a FN 9c and love it. The magazine release is not as nice as those on a Walther. I absolutely love the mag release on all my Walthers. They spit the mag out nicely. The FN 9c has kind of a short mag release that you have to press in deep to get the empty mag to exit. I swapped out the mag release button for one to a FN9 which is “taller” and it works better. About 1000 rounds thru it and no issues. The trigger is similar to my PPS. I picked mine up from Shoot Straight for 369 in dark earth.
I've never owned an FN but have shot the 509. It seems solid. I liked it but like my PPQs more and so am sticking with them.

PPS-like trigger is a good description. Definitely shootable.

I found it easy to get accurate and fairly fast hits with the gun.

Feel of the gun was good. I prefer the PPQ in this area but could definitely get used to the FN.

Overall, I liked it, just not enough to make me put down my PPQs.
All 3 are very reliable, high quality, great shooting pistols. The most noticeable difference (imo) is how they feel in the hand.
i own a 5.7, Excellent piece of works, accuracy and reliability at its peak. but the bullets are rare and expensive.
Bought an FN509 FDE LE because it was "limited" distribution. Came with night sights rather than the luminous ones, and 3 mags and a fabric case.

Trigger is NO WHERE as good as a PPQ, Canik or Sig P320.

Solid gun, just not as shootable. Not at the top of my list to sell, but I would before any of my Walthers or Caniks or P320s. :)
Thanks guys, you've been a great help in making my decision. No, the triggers are nothing like the PPQ's but I like where they break in the middle instead of in the rear.
Extremist, that's the exact 509 he has, FDE FN509 LE with a carry case and night sights.

Jim D
I have an FNX 9, and it has been reliable, and I shoot it accurately. I do like my P99 As better, but that said, if my FN was my only handgun I would not feel like was "under gunned" or have any other doubts about it.

The machine work on the slide is excellent.
I've still never tried an FNX-9 or FNS for that matter, I'd like to. It seems like the FNS has a nice trigger.
I've never had a FN so how do they compare to Walther's or HK's? Any information would be helpful.
In my opinion, they don't compare as highly.

I like the Hi-Power, but I believe all of their polymer pistols from the Forty-Nine to the FNS have had design related issues as they were introduced in the market.

The FNP had issues with the sear housing cracking and causing the pistol to stop functioning correctly.

The FNP45 had issues with the trigger pin coming loose and causing the pistol to cease function.

The FNX had multiple issues, with magazine spring failures after as little as two weeks just from keeping the mags loaded. An issue where the trigger would not release the hammer in the DA trigger pull if the pistol was left in the sun for a matter of minutes. An issue with loose backstraps. Etc.

The FNS had an issue where the trigger could move forward and lock the pistol up.

I'm sure I'm forgetting quite a few more issues with their polymer pistols. I was one of the first to buy an FN FNX-9, which had a lot of issues, and which is the reason why I'm not very interested in their newer or older polymer pistols. I like their rifles, and I like the Hi-Power, but I don't believe they do enough testing before releasing their polymer pistols in the market.
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