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Anyone have a viridian tacloc holster for the PPQ ?

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Trying to find out if anyone here has a tacloc holster for the PPQ and if a P99 gen 2 would fit in there with the X5L laser/light.

I have found a website that has a holster for just the P99 but idealy I would like one that can holster the P99 with the laser/light on it.
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I think that it would. I have a PPQ with an XL5 and the holster seems to make contact with the light, not so much with the holster. Tommy Theis also makes a holster that also has the advantages of the instant on feature from Viridian...

By the way, I don’t carry my gun in that holster. My PPQ with my XL5 is strictly nightstand duty... but I have a kiddo in the house and I am a little neurotic about safety. That holster is mostly being used as a trigger guard as it sits in the safe.

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