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Hi folks,

I've been thinking about getting a Smith & Walther PPK - I've liked all the PPK/S-1s that I've seen and think their DA triggers feel greatly improved from the original design. I see that S&W makes a PPK, and that it's available in blue.

I'm an old-fashioned sort of fellow (why else would I be looking at a PPK when I already own a Rohrbaugh R9s? The old Walthers feel right in terms of weight and balance), and I like the look of blued steel. If the bluing is of a decent quality, that is.

I've emailed S&W and determined that their blued guns are made from carbon steel (they haven't done anything hinky to shellac bluing onto stainless), so their blued PPK could really look nice.

Has anyone seen a blued PPK from Smith & Wesson? What's the quality of the bluing like from an aesthetic standpoint?

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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