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Any p99 owners shoot the H&K p2000?

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Hey, I'm new to this board but I've been browsing it for a while. I am planning on getting a handgun for the range and for home defense. After doing ALOT of research, I decided on the p99 9mm over the p229 and the USPc9. Only thing is, I've noticed that the H&K p2000 just came out and seems quite similar to the p99. I know the p2000 costs more, but how do you compare the two guns for those of you who have shot both as far as accuracy, trigger feel, and comfort. Thanks!
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nobody has had any trigger time on the p2000 yet? Tried to ask for a comparison over at the H&Kpro boards, but it's taking forever for them to approve my registration so I can post...
Well since no one has given me one to try, I haven't.

Now why would I want to spend $700+ on a P2000, I'd rather save my money for the P99 Compact

When the prices come down to a reasonable $550 or so, I'll consider it. But it's not bloody likely they will.

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No thanks.....I don't buy into the whole "It says HK on the side so we are going to charge $200 more than we should" thing. I liked this gun better the first time it was released. It was called the P99.
thanks for the responses. yeah, I'm sure the p2000 isn't worth the $ they are asking.

P.S. Extremist, I have been going to your site for months, very informative
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I oughtta thank you too, Extremist. Your Walther page is the only place I go for wallpapers for my comp. I'm sporting the P99 and PP on the blue walther background right now.
my friend has one... shot it... The single action was really great, better than the USP. But the double action was really heavy. The pistol itself was lighter than the P99. Accuracy was also great, even if it had a shorter barrel compared to the p99. The price here in the Philippines are almost the same. P52,000 ($900 plus US) for the P99 and P55,000 ($1000 US) for the P2000.
Mental note......do not move to the Philippines.

$900 for a P99? Wow. Ouch.
Yup!!! Take it from me... DO NOT MOVE TO THE PHILIPPINES!!!

If ever you do plan to... DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR P99 WITH YOU!!!
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I saw my first P2000 at my dealer today. The ergonomics are great! I've never liked the feel of the USP in my hand, the P99 was always better. This new H&K fits just as good in my hand as does my P99. Not $200 better perhaps but just as good. The trigger felt smooth out of the box, similiar to Glock. The heavy double action is for re-strikes only - there is no de-cocked mode as with the P99.
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