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Any lights for the PPS M2?

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Anybody know of a gun light for the PPS M2? Or a laser light combo? Mainly want the light but I can not find either.

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I've been looking - no luck. The only light that seems like it would work, if they made a version is the Streamlight TLR-6. Which is and excellent unit, but useless for the PPS (so far)

Crimson Trace makes a laser - which, is nice, more that twice the price of the TLR-6 and has no light. Other than that, I'm batting zero
Not very good options.


NcStar LED Trigger-Mounted Universal Pistol Flashlight


The last link is not available for the pps but might be worth reaching out to the company to show interest as it looks like the best option.
Thanks Sunman. Yes not great options. I have thought of molding a clamshell for the tigger guard out of JB Weld, that will hold a light. There are some incredibly powerful keychain lights that are very small.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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