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Hey all,

Read with interest the discussions about the serial numbers and dates on Walther rifles. I bought a second hand KKJ .22 Hornet (single trigger) on impulse a few years back simply because it was such cool looking rifle and the few times I have used it on my farm I have been really impressed with it. Starting to like Walthers quite a bit but not a common choice of rifle in Aus so not much info available.

Seems to have all the usual markings on top of the receiver (Carl Walther. Ulm/Do SportWaffenFabrik.). Also 4 digit serial number preceded by lower case "h" on left side (ie. h 4842). Apart from that, stamped on the left side of the barrel just forward of the receiver is a tiny stamped crest followed by "74" and then a squiggle - can't really tell what that it is because its so small.

Any info / comments much appreciated...…..and if you had a magazine for one these you were looking to part with I'd be happy to buy it from you.

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