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Another price drop on the Keltec P50, down to $499.99

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Says $599.
It was one day only at $499

it's now $599 which is still pretty low, found one for 579 free shipping as well.
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A "price drop" from $995 MSRP down to $499.99 must indicate that that there P50 is one fine piece of machinery.


Already having the 5.7x28 rifle angle covered with a PS90, when it comes to the 5.7x28 chambering in a handgun I'd much rather own a standard format pistol like the S&W M&P 5.7 which IMHO is more than a step ahead of the 5.7 pistol competition; it operates via a unique gas operated/rotating barrel/locked beach design (which noticeably softens recoil), is optic ready, weights less, and is far less clumsy than the Kel-Tec P50 contraption.

The P50 could go down to $0.00 and I still wouldn't want one. For myself I can't imagine a purpose for such a thing...besides, it's just plain hideous!
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