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Another PPQ with TP9 magazines post

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Hello, I purchased my first Walthers the other day (a PPQ M2 4" and a PPS M2 LE), and have been research spare mags that don't cost 30-40$ magazines for target shooting.

I have seen several posts and videos about the tp9 18round magazines working and sticking out some, but I was wondering if maybe a their 15 round magazine would solve the sticking out problem? or even the 10 round magazine?

They look almost exactly like the stock walther ppq m2 magazines with their cutouts and hole placements.

or are all of the magazines the same length, with less capacity?

example of 15 round magazine: (10 round also found there)

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When the tp9 first came out, the magazine was a perfect fit for the PPQ M2....both of these pistols used a button mag release and the grip length was the same on both pistols...meaning the mag didn't hang out the bottom on a PPQ....it fit perfect, and ran perfectly.

As time passed, Canik couldn't leave well enough alone and they made the grip longer, meaning the magazine is also longer.

I don't believe you can find the originals any more.....other than MY stash. :D I picked up a few extras. PM me if you're interested in buying some.

I'd have to go check, but I'm pretty sure I modified all the Canik mags with an additional latch hole to match the PPQ M1 paddle mag release. These mags work perfectly in the P99, PPQ M2, PPQ M1, SW99 or MR9......
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